All the Angles you need to break down the game

Unique game views that give you the ultimate scouting tool.

With our custom-made systems, we can get the angle you're looking for.

These angles allow you to see and make adjustments from a true coach's view. This opens the door to develop your own new schemes and create strategies against your opponents.

Don't Just Tell Players,
Show Them

Use our unique footage with HUDL's custom tools to coach collectively & individually.

We not only provide you high-quality footage you can use to train your team, you will also receive all the HUDL tools you need to easily mark up the plays and show your team both their successes and areas of improvement.

  • Easily mark up plays
  • Define strengths & weaknesses
  • Analyze strategies

Competitive Coaching Features You Need
to Play Better

Get the data to dominate.

Run default or custom reports to find opponent tendencies days in advance. Self-scout to see what they expect and switch things up.

Study video anywhere.

Hudl's mobile app gives your team access to game and practice film on the go. Download playlists to watch in the locker room or on the bus.

Add coaching notes.

Help your athletes learn from the video by adding notes and telestrations to clips. Share everything with individual athletes or groups. eu.

Athlete Created Highlights.

With access to title slides, music and spot shadows, your players can create highlights to share with family, friends and recruiters.

Put your playbook online.

Draw each formation once to save templates and never start from scratch again. Attach video to any card and see the play in action.

Share with anyone.

Send clips to athletes to review from home, and stop driving across town to trade film. Share full games with other coaches online..

Use Coaches Edge Exclusively for Access to
Reserved Competitor Films

If your Youth Football Conference uses Coaches Edge exclusively, we will provide you with game film for your next competitor. We film every single game played within your conference and each week you can upload games from your next opponent to help you game plan and strategize.

Get An Edge Up On the Competition

Scouting & game footage imported right into your HUDL account. All the tools you need to help you win.


Free HUDL Account Included!